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Our assessments explore a candidate's knowledge of the essential skills in sales, from preparation through to closing business and post sales protocols. If the knowledge is missing, the relevant sales skills will be absent, and results will never be optimal. We focus only on skills that can be trained. At expert level, a salesperson is equipped to win customers for any product or service in any sector.

Two Levels of Assessment

We offer a Core Skills assessment and a Professional Skills assessment. Core Skills assesses the foundations of negotiation and engaging the customer, whereas Professional Skills assesses the full range of our essential sales skills (see modules & sub-modules below).

Core Skills
2 modules | 15 minutes
Modules Included:
  • Negotiating & Closing
  • Engaging the Customer
Professional Skills
5 modules | 20 minutes
Modules Included:
  • Negotiating & Closing
  • Engaging the Customer
  • Customer Contact
  • Business Skills
  • Activity Management
Skills Analysis
Individual Reports

Each completed assessment generates an individual skills analysis report, benchmarked against 47,000 sales professionals from around the world. From this, you can see how the individual measures up against global skill standards.

2 Levels of Report

We offer a snapshot report for a quick skills overview, and an analytics report for detailed skills analysis.

Snapshot Report
Skills Overview
Ideal for
  • Pre-interview screening
  • Pre-training assessments
  • Management Reporting
Sample Snapshort Report
Analytics Report
Detailed Skills Analysis
Ideal for
  • Final interview screening
  • Skill development plans
  • Teams skill audit
Sample Analytics Report
Team Analysis

Our software groups individual reports into a team dashboard, allowing you to quickly discover strength and weakness areas in your team. Individual are ranked according and you can discover how their skills measure up to their actual sales performance.

Global Team Analysis *

If your organisation has international sales teams, each team can take assessments in their own language and you can receive analysis in the language of your choice. As such, you can audit skills across your entire business, and discover whether your sales teams are globally competitive.

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Assessing your Team
How it Works

Booking assessments for your team couldn't be easier! All you have to do is sign up for an account and follow our 6 step guide:

Pick Assessment Level

Choose either Core Skills
or Professional Skills

Pick Reporting Level

Choose either Snapshot
or Analyticss

Choose Candidates

Load candidate details and dispatch assessment invites

Candidates Take the Assessment

Candidates sit the assessment online in just 15 - 30 minute

Track Completion

Track, monitor and chase candidate progress.

See Results

View reports, compare teams, analyse sales training requirements.

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19 Languages Available

Assessment candidates may choose from any one of our 19 languages:

English (International)
English (US)
Chinese (Simplified)
Chinese (Traditional)
Latin American Spanish
More languages coming in 2024
Language Customisation for Reports

Assessing sales staff from around the world does not mean you need to be fluent in every chosen language. Whatever language the assessment is taken in, you can choose what language you want to read the reports in. Pretty clever, huh? Can't find your language – contact Mark Blezard

Why should I deploy a sales skills programme?

You manage your sales force to make more sales. Unless you manage their sales skills you cannot, truly, manage their performance. The process starts with measuring their skills today and ends with measuring how much they have improved. This is what we do.

Why choose SalesAssessment.com?

Ours is the only sales skills assessment platform that is academically generated and validated. It is built on UK Government National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Sales. The assessment content and format was designed by business academics and has been peer-reviewed. Our assessments are the only skills assessment accredited by The Institute of Sales Management, the leading international sales qualification body.

The SalesAssessment.com assessment took three years to validate, working with several major blue-chip organisations. The the service was released only when we were fully satisfied that our reports precisely mirrored the skills of the hundreds of executives being assessed.

Where does your assessment data come from?

Our data comes from the 42,000 candidates who have taken the assessment. Our databank is dynamic. It moves with global sales skills standards. So, if ‘good’ gets better, your executives must match that improvement in order to remain globally competitive.

What sectors and job levels do you specialise in?

The core sales skills are the same across all sectors. Success in sales blends those skills with the relevant product or service information. Our assessment reports will correlate directly to your internal sales training material or to material generally used by external sales trainers.

How safe is my data?

All our data protection and privacy procedures are fully GDPR compliant. Only you can see the results. It is at your discretion to add additional managers with access rights.

All assessment data are stored anonymously, therefore only you will have access to your employees' results.

Our servers are located behind a dedicated Cisco firewall, and are kept up to date with the latest security patches for CentOS Linux as they become available. Penetration tests are frequently run as part of a standard security procedure. Administration access to the server is limited to SSH trusted key authentication.

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